Shifters / direction changers

I had some moments yesterday to be able to work on a project, so it was time to make one of a final dots to the suspension work. I don’t like upper arms of a front suspension (and, to be honest, whole rear suspension, too. But it’s something to be re-worked later) but I think for now it’s way more important to make the thing run, so I’m concentrated on things still left to do instead of re-working something cosmetic (or not only cosmetic). This time it was, hm, not sure how to call it. Shifters, or maybe better – working direction changers for coilovers. You’ll see from the picture 🙂 Small thingys but those took some hours to be fabricated. Polyurethane (PU-90 type) turnery is not so easy thing as well.

shifters[imgmeta]Something I don’t know how to call :)[/imgmeta]

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