Seat belts

I’ve got one of those cheap alternatives from China instead of good known seat belts. Somehow I refuse to believe that the material they’re made from won’t hold me in place. When I decided to get those cheaper alternatives I was thinking like that: if those are gonna break, crash would be so bad that even best harness won’t help – I’ll be dead anyway because of g-forces used to break those so tear me apart as well. Well, now I don’t think so that much, but it’s a bit too late. Every small detail will matter in a crash. Anyways, I’ve got those installed. Looks quite ok, but as long as it’s not about the look,  I’ll get something better. But for some while current ones will do.

Cheap seatbelts from China[imgmeta]Cheap seat belts from China[/imgmeta]

Cheap seat belts from China[imgmeta]Cheap seat belts from China #2[/imgmeta]

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