What’s this all about?

Everybody dreams of something. I’m not an exception here, all the time dreaming about strange, simple, sometimes a bit complex or funny things. Like how to get a kite or pet. When you’re a 7 year old those dreams look big and unreachable, but with time you get what you want. At age of 30 the only limit is money and, of course, lifestyle. I mean, if you have family you cannot go wild, kinda 🙂 You know what I mean. However, it’s way easier to get things you want and then fun begins. Most of us want all the crazy things we can buy, so I decided to get something really big and crazy, but not by buying it (or whatever methods you usually use for acquiring things), but making it. I always was a tech guy, crazy about bikes, cars, model planes, and such stuff, so no surprise I chose such a project.

Making a two seat sports car. A roadster, you call whatever you like. An exo[tic] egzo[skeleton] car.

And when on TV I saw Top Gear show episode about Ariel Atom, I instantly knew what the car will look like.

So that’s it – this is a blog about my progress in project. I’ll post all the things I can about it, as much in detail as I’ll find time or strength to do so 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy it, and maybe even find it inspiring.


Good luck, T


    1. Hi Jonathan,

      This project is not fully finished, but the car can be already driven 🙂 I was lazy enough to suspend the project for part of winter season, but I did the first start already. It’s on youtube and I’ll do a post with all the links 🙂

      Go for it!

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