Pedal box

Not that much to the first test drive left. Actually, only two things: to get the [correct] shock absorbers, and pedal box with hydraulic pipes. As long as I want to get as much must-have weight as possible before buying coilovers, I’ve just started pedal box.

Actually, it’s quite math-intensive task. I’ll skip it all here (there’s already a bunch of info about this topic on the net), but will go to the my special case(s). I’m doing such stuff first time – just like pretty much everything else – so possibly something will go wrong.. but I have hope I’ll be able to fix it 🙂

Ok. As a basis I’ve took wilwood pedal box sketch, this one:

wilwood pedalbox sketch

So I got some proportions, some measurements, overall look. And just started. Pictures talks themselves 🙂

WP_20150704_15_00_22_Pro[imgmeta]Pedal sides[/imgmeta]

WP_20150706_18_46_46_Pro[imgmeta]Clutch pedal with master cylinder attached[/imgmeta]


WP_20150706_18_47_06_Pro[imgmeta]Pedal back side[/imgmeta]

WP_20150706_18_47_18_Pro[imgmeta]Gas pedal[/imgmeta]


Clutch master cylinder is original from volvo. Decided to use this one so I won’t have a headache choosing right diameter and volume. Sure it was not as simple as that – this cylinder has 55 degrees angled fixing plane, so had to make an adapter for that. So just made a good start. But the fun part is still ahead – it’s dual brake master cylinder setup.

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