Engine startup

This was not that painful as I thought. Actually, it was quite easy – single push of a button. I’ve prepared a ‘panel’ for ignition and starter management so I could any time easily shut down the engine without messing up with battery clamps. I have some bad experience with starting motorbike engines, couple of […]

Engine wiring harness

I’ve got one week vacation, and whole this time I’ll be able to spend in a garage, thanks to my family! So decidedĀ to check if engine will start after couple of years spent in a garage. I’m expecting some troubles here, because I’ve never tried this before. Also, fuel pump, injectors, .. etc. spent quite […]

Seats and brackets

It’s time to put the seats in place, because next thing to do is to finish steering geometry and all the mechanisms needed for steering. I’ve used 3mm thick sheet metal for fabricating brackets. As you see from photo it’s still missing supports from both sides but I’ll come to that later. For now important […]

Tube bender

When started to build up the bottom of a car I remembered my old tube bender – creepy and rusty now, but still working perfectly. It has spent about two years I suppose in the rain, so no wonder it looks like it now šŸ™‚ Nevertheless, last weekend it was taken out to bend some […]

Suspension technical data

So it’s about timeĀ post some technical data about the suspension. For better visualization, I’ve used racingaspirations.com calculator so it’s quite easy to understand and check how the geometry will change on cornering when body rolls or wheels bumps. For the moment steering arms are not included, as long as they’re in progress yet. Data in […]

Troubling with front struts

Instead of trying to find appropriate front struts already available, decided to fabricate my own ones. There was some reasons, of course. First of all, I’m quite lazy when I need to find something. I really hate it. It was a nightmare for me while I was struggling with searches for appropriate brake discs for […]

Got the Wheels

Couple of weeks ago I celebrated Christmas and Birthday at the same day (despite the fact that I was born on May) – my dream wheels has arrived! It was something to me as long as I was not sure if I’ll manage to get those ever, but eventually I did. Those O.Z. Ultraleggera wheels […]

Intel Galileo has arrived!

Once I’ve heard about WindowsOnDevices program I decided to participate in it, and use the Intel Galileo board for my little project. I’ll have quite a bunch of data to collect, f.e. car speed, engine revs, oil and water temperatures, boost pressure, .. and so on and so forth.. And guess what – I’ve been […]