Naturally, car needs instruments panel. I was having bad dreams about how to cope with this topic. First idea was to do it all by myself: use a stepper motor, laser-cut the panel, dash, numbers etc. and do all the programming. All would be OK, I know how to deal with electronics, but I was always questioning myself: will it look good-enough for the time and money I’ll spend for it? Will I have to do it twice? Maybe three times to be happy? Keeping in mind all of this, I could choose between the two: should I spend a lot of time making it myself, or should I spend a lot of money and have it done well and beautiful first time. One morning I opted for latter. Then another question was raised – what should I use. What’s good enough for the money? What’s beautiful enough for me? Finally Depo Racing gauges with smoked lenses won the battle. I liked them at once. Got the good deal, and next day gauges were @home.


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