Fuel tank

It was a while since last update but it doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything. Next big topic accomplished – fuel tank. It was one of those topics I was not sure from where to start so simply checked out what materials are others using. Settled down on 2 mm thick aluminum. Found out that two of my former classmates runs a shop which produces some kind of stainless steel and aluminum gadgets. Well, that was a luck. Did some sketching (on a paper! 🙂 ), bought aluminum and last weekend started fabricating fuel tank.

WP_20150430_001[imgmeta]Involute of fuel tank[/imgmeta]

This one was needed to do a curved bottom 🙂

WP_20150430_002[imgmeta]Wooden rolled for curving the bottom[/imgmeta]

I’m using original fuel pump from Volvo 850 T-5 and also fuel level indicator (float?). Surprisingly, level indicator is longer than fuel pump more than 4 centimeters. For that reason had to do the neck longer, and push the bottom down – you’ll see from the picture what I mean. Here is a photo of a swirl pool and a float countersink:

WP_20150430_004[imgmeta]Swirl pool[/imgmeta]

Did a breather, too:

WP_20150430_003[imgmeta]Necks and a breather[/imgmeta]

And, final result:

WP_20150502_001[imgmeta]Aluminum fuel tank[/imgmeta]

Have to admit: did one fail: filler neck is in wrong side… had to cut it until 5 cm long to fit and be able to attach fuel hose. Shit happens, as always 🙂 Anyway, all is good, already put the tank in place. Had to do some work with holders – to lighten them up drilled couple of dozens if holes. Tank fits tight, but fits.

WP_20150503_006[imgmeta]Fuel tank in place[/imgmeta]

WP_20150503_007[imgmeta]Fuel tank in place #2[/imgmeta]

After welding it up we checked the welds under pressure – found two holes; one in the breather weld, another next to the holder. Tank capacity – around 37 liters, after checking under pressure – maybe 38.. 😀

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