Frame welding

Lucky coincidence I was able to get the frame welded with TIG. As long as the frame is still missing some small parts like mounting brackets (which requires a lot of work to weld it up together) there were not that much of work – whole process took about 5-6 hours. I do also believe that regardless of used welding method frame will be stronger when welded by professional rather than myself.

WP_20150718_18_20_59_Pro[imgmeta]Welded frame[/imgmeta]

WP_20150718_18_21_16_Pro[imgmeta]Welded frame #2[/imgmeta]

This weld is not scrubbed yet, but it allows to see temperature traces on the metal itself.

WP_20150719_16_24_51_Pro[imgmeta]The weld[/imgmeta]

Also, already managed to wire gas pedal. I did it very primitively, but it works just as good as any other implementation, at least until not actually used đŸ˜€

I’ve added additional spring into pedal itself. You can push it still quite easily, but it feels like you’re actually pushing something. Will see if it will be good enough to keep it.

WP_20150719_16_24_01_Pro[imgmeta]Gas pedal wiring[/imgmeta]

WP_20150719_16_24_20_Pro[imgmeta]Gas pedal wiring #2[/imgmeta]

And bought some hydraulic parts for brakes/clutch.

WP_20150722_20_41_51_Pro[imgmeta]Hydraulic parts for brake/clutch assembly[/imgmeta]

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