Driving the car. First feelings

It’s been a while since last update, and quite a bit of things happened during that time. First of all, tried to run the car pretty hardly to get an idea of what the car is capable for. As always, there are good news and there are bad news. Good news are that car runs pretty smoothly, and can be driven pretty fast. Sure, since there’s no any body panels yet acceleration at higher speeds is not that astonishing as it could be. Bad news is that the driver smells. I’m just starting to feel the car and what it is capable for so nothing to much to expect. But first things first.

  1. Acceleration is pretty good, but I don’t have any “pretty good” in numbers. But numbers will come very soon. I would guess that I can easily reach 100kmh (60mph) in 4s. But as I said, it’s just a guess. I’ve already ordered PCBs for car electricity/electronics, and those will be able to show what it actually is. About electronics in separate post.
  2. If driven on dry concrete/asphalt, understeering is almost impossible, but… oversteering is very easy. I’ve got some serious oversteering while riding ~150kmh (~90mph) and got into spins. Luckily, I was into airport for tests as wide as 50m and longer than 3km so everything ended successfully.
  3. Suspension works quite OK, but I cannot comment on that too much yet, because, well, I know too less still. Some updates will follow.
I’ve participated in fast slalom organised in Rukla, so got some real-life feeling. I was driven in a lotus 7 replica at the same competition, and driver was much more steppind on pedals than me. I did not even used 5th gear where I could and other guy was using it, and I was really stuggish on corners. But that’s something about driver, not the car 🙂

Here’s some video from that event:

Also, just for fun, we made a “visual accelleration comparison” with a stock Citroën Xsara 🙂 No judgement, just for fun.

Also, did some small engine mods. As a preparation for bigger turbo, swapped intake cam shaft with the one from atmo engine, 2.5l, with prolonged phases and deeper valve openings. No real gain in power, but I hope it will do it’s jub on bigger pressures. Anyways, it added 10Nm of torque.

There were some nice events where we were able to legally, even for a single time, drive in the city streets. Crazy feeling.

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