Cooling system

Seems like the only thing left for the cooling system is connecting air bleed pipe to the fluid reservoir. This time I’ve made mounting points with rubber pads so vibrations should not do any harm to the radiator itself. Radiator offsets out of a frame a bit, but I think I’ll be able to nicely hide […]

Frame welding

Lucky coincidence I was able to get the frame welded with TIG. As long as the frame is still missing some small parts like mounting brackets (which requires a lot of work to weld it up together) there were not that much of work – whole process took about 5-6 hours. I do also believe […]

Pedal box

Not that much to the first test drive left. Actually, only two things: to get the [correct] shock absorbers, and pedal box with hydraulic pipes. As long as I want to get as much must-have weight as possible before buying coilovers, I’ve just started pedal box. Actually, it’s quite math-intensive task. I’ll skip it all […]