Troubling with front struts

Instead of trying to find appropriate front struts already available, decided to fabricate my own ones. There was some reasons, of course. First of all, I’m quite lazy when I need to find something. I really hate it. It was a nightmare for me while I was struggling with searches for appropriate brake discs for […]

Got the Wheels

Couple of weeks ago I celebrated Christmas and Birthday at the same day (despite the fact that I was born on May) – my dream wheels has arrived! It was something to me as long as I was not sure if I’ll manage to get those ever, but eventually I did. Those O.Z. Ultraleggera wheels […]

Intel Galileo has arrived!

Once I’ve heard about WindowsOnDevices program I decided to participate in it, and use the Intel Galileo board for my little project. I’ll have quite a bunch of data to collect, f.e. car speed, engine revs, oil and water temperatures, boost pressure, .. and so on and so forth.. And guess what – I’ve been […]

The Frame

After successfully bending main frame tubes next challenging thing was to cut the side ‘bones’ in proper angles, and proper length. When you work with round pipe it is so complicated thing to do that I had to sweat a little bit with that. First of all, it’s hard to measure angle because tube is […]

From the very beginning

I decided to publish my work only after I made sure I’ll succeed. In other words, I have already done some progress and I’m quite happy with the results. Despite that, I would like to shortly take a look back and describe how everything was going on. I also have some photos and videos from those […]